Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just as a lark, tonight

...I tried packing for Paris week after next in a large purse. And I can do it. Everything suitable for days of photographing and museums, to excursions to Hermès and the opera, and everything that could happen in between. I am kind of an expert on packing light after all the trips I took to Europe in 2008. And I don't have any eBay purchases to haul along now for one who wanted to save on postage on his end, which makes it really easy to travel light. As is my way.

But I will use a real carry-on bag. Because, God knows, I am likely to succumb to the irresistable impulse to buy one really, really impractical pair of shoes while I'm in Paris and I'll need to be able to haul them home. Really, in Paris as long as one has planned for foot comfort it's perfectly easy to bring a few pieces in black or dark colors and be done with it. But I made it a challenge on myself: grey, inky purple, lilac, dusty pink. A tone poem.


  1. I'd love to see these few pieces and how you change them up....?

  2. I have a photo shoot today, but I'll come back later and show and tell about what I'm taking.