Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm packed.

My little book into which I transcribe all the opening hours and metro information I need for my destinations is ready.

And as I plan, I wonder if I will return to all the places I last visited with X. And the answer is, of course, Yes. It was my city before I ever shared it with him. And I will return, even, to our hotel. And then the whole circle is forever closed for me, a kind of exorcism of the heart.

It's my city. I'll be damned if I give it up over a failed romance. And there are new places I'm going to explore by myself this time. And I'm not spending a single moment of my precious time in the infernal Louvre.

Paris, je reviens!

But there are still a million loose ends I need to tie up at school before I depart a week from today. There just isn't enough time. But at least I now have the proper iPod adapter to keep my music going in Paris and I won't have to ration it. I love having the soundtrack playing along with what I see.

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