Friday, April 17, 2009

Headed out for a night at the opera

... and I am so excited! World premiere of Duke Ellington's Queenie Pie at Butler School of Music tonight!

Streaming video here:

I don't know if the technology will work, but you can try checking it out. I attended a recital yesterday by the young woman singing Café Olay and her exquisitely lovely and powerful voice made the little hairs on my forearms stand up, so that's probably a very good indication that the production will be marvelous. Full report later.

Today's the twenty-ninth birthday of my firstborn, who is far away tonight in Portland or environs. I miss him so, and it's hard to believe he's now only a year shy of thirty. Twenty-nine years ago he'd just come flying out of my body after only four hours' labor. He was always in a hurry to fly, mon petit oiseau Nicholas. He said he celebrated by going up in a private airplane -- always hoping to get his pilot's license, that one.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, yes I did!

buy that Hermès twilly in the design Brides de Gala. And, yes, I did wear it as a headband and walk the dog in the park just now. And, yes, it felt fabulous!

The little Hermès hat box with ribbons it came in is also a little treasure!

And, yes, I do have a stye in my left eye I'm getting over. I attribute that to the fact that it's been a very stressful week at work. But this gorgeous little scarf has gone a very long way toward making me feel wonderful today!