Saturday, August 22, 2009

On to the next thing. Granny burlesque.

I am not joking. The walker is incredibly stable, and, as they sang in Gypsy, "You gotta have a gimmick!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor, once-beautiful gardenia.

A little over a year ago he said, "I thought I detected a hint of fear in your voice, as if you'd realized our complicated logistics have the potential to do you much harm." And I answered him, "No, not fear! Only joy!"

Unhanging the show. Argh. I'm dehydrated.

It's no fun taking it down.
Why does it seem it takes longer to take a show down than install it?

But the video is up of my "vows" dance. It's a re-performance because there were too many people in the space when I originally performed it to video it. But that's what I was wearing. Except my hair was down.

Or here, if you prefer. I have more recent performances and archive videos up both places. The short ones are on youtube, the long ones on exposureroom.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Laughing: Ali and I evidently made the society page of the Sunday newspaper.

(A week later: here's another one taken that night by Jimmie)

If you consider Gadjo Disko at a bar called the Cockpit as something A-list in the first place. We're photo 15, me in the dirndl and Heidi hair. Photo 34 is one of Cindy's creations and models, 41 is Jimmie in one of Cindy's creations, 47 is one of Cindy's creations and models.

Fun times. Next time I go there I'm wearing a goth dirndl and a garlic-and-crucifix-necklace, and dirt on my face.

Anti(dote)Wedding Exhibition and Performance images up on flickr

Just back home from Gadjo Disko

...and a fashion show including four outfits my daughter-in-law made that were fantastic. However, it was so hot in the gay bar it all took place in that Ali and I had to leave after Cindy's pieces. I thought I was going to puke. So no Balkan dancing for me tonight, although I was rocking the dirndl and Heidi hair and have been dying to gypsy dance for days.

I am pretty exhausted now, after my own show last night. But tomorrow's Sunday, and I'm gonna chill.

But, folks: I see 1,000 hits on this blog as of this evening. I have no idea who most of you are, but thanks for reading!