Monday, August 3, 2009

Car broke down at Sun Harvest.

Bad :(
Nice woman parked next to me gave me a jump and it started up. Good :)
Drove it to Firestone and left it for the night. Bad :(
Ali came and picked me up and took me home. Good :)
Boss gave a vacation day while I wait to hear from mechanic so grown-up child doesn't have to take off work and lose income. Good :)
Took dog for hour-long walk in the coolness of the early morning, since I didn't have to go in to work. Good :)
Waiting to hear from garage. Bad :(
Tore down paper for next drawing series. Good :)
Danced barefoot to gypsy music in living room. Good :) Very, very good :)
Eating oatmeal with boiled raisins now. Good :)

Then will draw or scan until I hear about car status. Unexpected bounty: a day off that I wasn't expecting, in this wretched, hellish Texas August heat.

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