Friday, August 7, 2009

Borsa is made, wedding sweets are bagged...

in their cunning little bags, flower girl bags are made, ring pillow is made, artist's book is made and reproduced.

Hell, yeah! This anti(dote)wedding exhibition and performance is going to have every lovely detail I wanted for the wedding. No way I'm going to disappoint my family and friends, who would have enjoyed all these little details. And I'm going to have the party I dreamed of, even without the groom. There's still so much for me to celebrate: the completion of the original book and the epilogue drawings, the fact that so many people love and care about me and are happy I'm still all theirs. It's been good for me to reflect on the events of the last year and realize how very grateful I am for everything, even the dismal ending of the affair. Steep emotional learning curve for me, but unbelievable artistic energy along with it.

I'm cleaning house tonight so that I can mount the show tomorrow and Sunday. But everything's ready to go: labels, etc. It really hasn't been that hard to do it all myself, since I started a couple of weeks ago. Now we all just have to practice our performances...

Especially me, since I'm singing. :)

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