Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's official: I'm a piss-poor blogger again.

If you know me in real life, my explanation is this, if you drop in here to catch up with me:

Becoming a professional burlesque artist at the age of fifty-five is a full-time job, aside from the career I already had. It requires a lot of dance classes and a lot of video-making and a lot of photo shoots. Not to mention the practicing and the costume making.

But I will say this: I have rarely been happier than I am right now, exploring the intersection of aging and sexuality through performance. It's a wild and crazy ride. My YouTube channel has had over 36,000 views in two months. I for sure never performed in front of so many people in art galleries in the previous half-century when I was making "high art." And I love performing live burlesque. I have made so many new friends, both in real life and through the letters I receive through YouTube and the pin-up site.

I love making this work. This could very well be the important artistic work I was put here to make in the first place, but it took me this long to find that out.

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