Sunday, December 13, 2009

Went to my second milonga tonight

...after one of my fairy grand-daughters' birthday parties. Danced the tango for four hours. Learned to do ochos tonight, finally -- one of the "ornaments" you see women do with their feet that made you want to learn to dance the tango in the first place.

It's like a psychic kinetic chess game, dancing the tango. You almost have to have mental telepathy with whoever you're dancing with. But the man -- or whoever's leading -- gives his partner subtle pressure on the hand or the back that signals some things, I'm learning. It's like the collaboration between horse and rider. The subtle hand pressure is like what the horse feels on the reigns -- the tension, the change of direction that "steers" you. FASCINATING. Tango has all kinds of etiquette and culture I'm learning also.

I love it. I might have known I would. I always loved the music, but it's even more beautiful when you're interpreting it as you dance the tango. It has to be the most musical of all social dances.

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