Monday, December 7, 2009

Weather is still miserable.

But I went and got a long, luxurious pedicure, manicure (red Christmas nails!) and massage to pamper my poor performance-wrecked body. If you know my performance identity, a few photos up on my professional sites.

And I just had to go out, brave the weather and buy a pair of sensible, weather appropriate shoes. All my boots are suede or metallic or some other impractical material, or else they have 4" heels for performing. Just got some adorable black patent leather spectator oxfords on a gum sole -- kind of like Doc Marten wingtips, only shiny. They should keep me up out of the puddles, I think. And I can wear them with tights and skirts. And I can wear them when I want to do my Marlene Dietrich drag clothes at work.

Yikes! My birthday is in a few days!

And I have to brave the weather for two dance classes this week, now that I've also started up tango. But I'm guessing there's some kind of two week hiatus planned between Christmas and New Year's?

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