Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long time, no write.

You know how I am when I get obsessed with an art project. And my new granny burlesque project has taken over my life in the course of just three short weeks. Photo shoots, wig wrangling, wardrobe designing, burlesque dance classes, pole dancing class...

Every walker I pass I have to stop and look at, thinking, "Hmmm. Would this one be a better one for my act? Wonder what other colors it comes in? Is it more stable than mine?"

And I was a little sick last week, although I just tried to keep on working through it. I'm feeling nearly 100% again today, and will use what's left of my three-day weekend to clean up my living room-turned-photography studio. It looks like a stripper store blew up downstairs in my house these days!

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