Monday, June 22, 2009

Somnambulit: An Archive of Writings

Bob's death has really made me realize I have to get my archive act together in the coming months. Linda Montano and I talked about this on the telephone today, since she's having exactly the same impulse. In Linda's and my cases we need to worry about not only visual/video/ephemeral work but writing, too.

So, little by little, I've decided I will put up my writing archive on blogger so that it's stored on the web as a portfolio.

If you're interested, check out

So far, all I have up is four stories from Snapshots from the Landlocked Land, 1995. But as I have time I'll put up more. Most of these old pieces only exist on paper or on floppy disks. Yikes! Just as most of my performance documentation exists only on VHS :(

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