Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Works Festival.

I have seen such incredible young, raw, fresh, vibrant works. For a whole week now. But now my feet are killing me from traipsing around to all these spaces wearing ridiculous shoes, trying to look nice out of respect for all the shows and their young directors, choreographers and performers. And I'm sleep deprived. I started just crashing on the couch when I came in at midnight -- stripped out of my clothes, left them lying on the floor. Didn't have time to do laundry this week, go to the grocery store or eat any vegetables most days. The festival's over tonight though. Wah :(

But (sigh) of relief. I will try to clean house tomorrow. And I just went and got a massage, which I sorely needed after this long, long packed week. Another unbelievably marvelous festival.

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