Monday, March 23, 2009

Gay Bi Gay Gay where I spent yesterday. It was pretty fab. It's the gay/bi/trans/? version of SXSW. Imagine Woodstock in someone's backyard in East Austin (the ghetto) filled with typical Austin pierced/tattoo'd funky-clothes wearin' folk with live bands taking the stage every hour. Jimmie and Cindy were face painting there and I had had the little girls, feeding them lunch, taking them swimming, for the earlier part of the day before I delivered them back to their adults. It was fun. I saw people I haven't seen for twenty years in some cases. And all my former daughter-in-laws. And all Jimmie's former housemates. Old Home Week.

I can see that facebook is going to be a major competitor for my leisure time and blogging here. I can't get over all the gift applications people have created. I was sent "the line between past and present" from the Grey Gardens Treasures by a friend. And I spent the better part of the past two days on the site making flair (buttons) to send friends. The first set was Art School Stuff (Duchamp readymades, Surrealists) and the second set was Cross-Dressing Female Movie Stars (Katharine Hepburn, Dietrich, Garbo, Brooks, Moreau, etc.). I like the "play time" aspect of facebook more than the social networking part. Evidently everyone is up in arms about a recent redesign, but since I just got on it last Thursday, it's fine with me. Downside is you can only write about a hundred characters in each post, keeping it short and sweet. Guess I still need the blog to totally unburden my wordy self.

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